Research, contact and start of business relationships with product manufacturers according to your requirements and needs

We are looking for product manufacturers in Germany and other international markets as well as the requirements of the desired customer target group.

Negotiating the conditions with the suppliers

We negotiate with the manufacturers the best possible conditions for the desired delivery program.

Analysis of the price structure

We analyze the market for existing competing products and determine the profitability of the products to be imported. On request, we take over the calculation and transfer the costs such as transport, customs, etc. to the sales product.

Agreements on exclusive sales rights

If our clients are interested in exclusively selling the products they have requested, we will discuss the possibility of appropriate agreements with our supplier.

Handling of imports and the associated logistics

So that our customers can fully concentrate on the sale of your products, we take care of the logistical processes and deliver your goods to your company’s doorstep on request.

Contact person for specific questions about the manufacturer's products and taking orders

We stand by the client’s side, support them in the sale of their products, take care of their orders and clarify all supplier-related issues.

Arranging of product training and new presentations by the manufacturer

We organize personal meetings with the manufacturers of the products that our customers sell, for example for employee training, product launches or to develop marketing measures to support your sales.

Determination of sales opportunities for products and target group-oriented product positioning in the Dominican Republic

We analyze the market in relation to the products to be introduced and determine whether these have market potential. We then select the most suitable sales partners in the Dominican Republic and establish target group-oriented sales channels.

Support of product sales for our Dominican customers

We plan and develop measures to promote the products and expand the sales channels for the products that we import for our customers.

Progress report on sales activities

We report to suppliers on the progress of our activities and measures. We maintain personal contact, discuss the situation on site together and analyze how we can promote sales