About us

The agency

OU.PROVEE S.R.L. is a young company based in Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, which acts as a trading agency, importer and wholesaler. We offer Dominican wholesale and retail companies, but also project outfitters, for example from the construction sector or interior design, individual solutions for the import of inexpensive, alternative and innovative products. We are looking for products for our customers in Europe, but especially from Germany, which like no other country stands for its quality „Made in Germany“. As connoisseurs of the German and Dominican markets, we are familiar with the special conditions in both markets and we know where and how we can find high-quality products for our customers. Regardless of the commercial field, we import products and assume the exclusive representation of manufacturers committed to providing qualitative value with their products to the lives of other people. We take over the entire process for our clients, from product selection to the complete handling of the order, including import and logistics.

What we do

We see ourselves as a link between trading companies and manufacturers. We are looking for reliable suppliers and innovative, high quality products and import them for trading companies. For us, direct contact with our customers and manufacturers is very important; this enables us to consciously inform customers about the properties of the products and the conditions offered by the manufacturers so that we can adapt them to their requirements and offer tailor-made solutions. Depending on your needs, we deliver the products directly to your company, only to the port of destination, or our clients import the goods themselves ex works of the manufacturer (EXW).

For manufacturers, we are opening up new, target group-oriented sales channels in a new market. To ensure successful product positioning, we focus on finding reliable trading companies with whom we can establish a long-term strategic relationship.


We connect Dominican trading companies with international manufacturers. By importing quality products, we help improve the quality of life in Dominican society.

We are constantly on the lookout for manufacturers of new technologies and innovative products that our customers can use to differentiate themselves from the market and to accelerate the growth of their company.


We firmly believe in the era of corporate value change, which is shaped by human values and ethics.  We believe in what organizations can achieve through the competence, experience and charisma that each of the participants brings to business processes.